Amiga Format magazine Issue 004

March 9, 2017 - Amiga Format
Amiga Format magazine Issue 004

Year of publication: November 1989

Games reviewed in this mag:

Other features in this issue:

Games tips hints and cheats for:

Contents of cover disk
The Untouchables demo, Besurf 3D sculpture software

Click here to download Amiga Format issue 4

Click here to download the coverdisk ADF (not currently available)

Poster for Beach Volley Amiga game

Advertising poster for Beach Volley computer game from Ocean in 1989

Day of the viper retro computer game poster

Day of the Viper poster for Accolade game for Amiga, Atari ST and P.C from 1989

Poster advert for Altered Beast computer game

Advert for Activision conversion of the Sega game Altered Beast

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