Here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. What program, software or app do i need to view the magazines once I have downloaded them?
    The Amiga mags are all in PDF format so you need a PDF viewer to be able to view them. You can get PDF viewing software for pretty much every platform imaginable even on classic Amigas with AROSPDF or EasyGS software.
  2. How do a find a magazine with a particular game review or article?
    You need to use the search function on our website. Put in what you’re looking for in the search box and it will come back with any magazines with those search terms.
  3. I can’t find a particular magazine or article?
    We are still adding new magazines to the website all the time so keep checking back
  4. Have you scanned all these magazines yourself?
    Although I have a large collection of paper magazines and will be scanning these as needed to plug gaps, a lot of the scanning work has been done by Amiga enthusiasts who have spent hours scanning and uploading.
  5. Have the magazines been edited or altered?
    All the magazines have been scanned and uploaded in their original format without editing or watermarks so will even come with the original adverts. In the event that the only version available was one that had been edited we will replace that version if and when an unedited version becomes available.
  6. What is the legal status of this website?
    We don’t pretend to own the copyright on these magazines and all original copyright notices remain intact. We are offering links to download them for retro computer enthusiasts since there are no other official ways to get back issues of old Amiga magazines from the original publishers and some publishers are no longer in business.